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About Murmuration

Our Malting Process

We source only locally grown New York State barley to process in our single vessel malt tank. Each batch is hand turned and assessed throughout the malting process. Being a small-scale operation allows for a fully customized product. We pride ourselves in our ability to create high quality artisan malts that fulfill our customers’ ever changing demands.

The Ethos

We are a true mom and pop company, committed to providing a hand crafted malt with exceptional quality. We believe by reducing the supply chain we are improving and increasing the essence of our product, as well as engaging our local farmers in the process. We love craft beverages and malting is our way to complement this handcrafted community. We feel a connection to the farmers, brewers and drinkers alike. Our love of this place –topophilia, creates a malt that has a distinctive flavor profile.

The People

Emily Hill & Judd Hallett

Murmuration Malts is owned and operated by Judd Hallett and Emily Hill. The beautiful Finger Lakes region is our home where we raise our young children and the backdrop to a thriving craft beverage community. After years of enjoying these beverages, we were looking for a niche. We wanted to create and contribute to this enthusiastic community.

Judd’s introduction to malting began with the friendly folks at Farmhouse Malts.  The, “if we can do it, you can do it!” spirit propelled us forward. It prompted the purchase of a dilapidated service station, destined for ruin. Our extensive restoration of the building gives us great pride in the enhancement to the community.  We continue to educate ourselves and work towards implementing all we can to create the best malts available.

We are devoted to our region’s past and present. Malting is a process with great history and an exciting future. We are looking forward to enhancing the availability of New York State artisanal malts.

News And Notes

Finally the day has come. We are dropping barley into the tank and getting our steep on! The ol’ forklift squeezed in with just enough room to dump the grain into the tank.  Two thousand pounds of some old barley makes me feel a bit queasy but we really just need to test the equipment. Read More

Well… the plans for the malt tank look great. Unfortunately, we don’t really know what exactly we need or how well they will work. We started with fabricating one or the three tanks we have available. A false, perforated bottom provides air and heat flow to the grain.

This building has come a long way. It feels great to almost be done with the major remodeling work. Totally gutted, new electric, new plumbing, new floors, new lights, new heat, new, new, new!  Our office area is finished enough for the kids to safely hang out.

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    We are in and out of the malt shop most days. Please call to set up an appointment, but always feel free to swing in if we're there.

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Are you a New York State Farmer?

Seeing as Malting is our business, we're always looking for high-quality Barley, especially when it's partnering with New York Farms. Locality and Quality for our malts is what's most important. Please read through our seller requirements stated below in order to ensure your Barley meets our standards to be accepted for purchasing:

A pure lot of acceptable variety (2-row or 6-row), Germination rate of 95% or higher, Protein content of 11% - 12.5%, Moisture content of 13.5% maximum, Plump kernels of uniform size, Fully mature grain, No signs of pre-harvest germination on the stalk, Free of DON toxins from head blight, Free from other diseases, Free from frost damage, Not weathered or deeply stained kernels, Free from heat damage, Free from insects, admixtures, ergot, treated seeds, smut and odor, Free of chemical residue.